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How to Pick a Database Without Wanting to Pull Your Hair Out

Demystify the Complex World of CRMs – A Course Crafted Exclusively for Nonprofits

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Sound Familiar?

  • Does your blood pressure rise when you think about the state of your current database?
  • Do you lay awake at night worrying that the one person who knows how to use your faulty old database will get hit by a bus?
  • Do you have confused and annoyed donors calling to complain about inaccuracies in your letters, emails, and donation receipts?
  • Do you dream of logging into a database that can easily generate the reports you need for your next board meeting?
  • Do you yearn for the day you’ll be able to spend less time on manual, administrative tasks and more time on your mission?
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About the Course

Choosing the right CRM for your organization is overwhelming! A good CRM will make your life easier. The wrong one can make your life a constant nightmare. As nonprofit consultants, we have sat through hours of software demos, set up databases from start to finish, and led trainings to support dozens of nonprofit clients in developing strategies for their existing CRMs. To make it simple for busy nonprofit professionals like you, we decided to package our complete knowledge of CRMs into a simple course, CRMs for Nonprofits Decoded.

Course Highlights

What is a CRM and How Can It Help Your Organization?

CRM, donor database, donor management system, nonprofit database  - these are all terms you’ve heard but what can this technology actually do for your organization in an increasingly digital age? We break it down.

Design Your CRM Strategy

Every nonprofit is unique. Dive deep into recognizing the functionalities you need from your CRM to organize your data, engage your donor base, and complete tasks with ease.

All-In-One vs. Best in Class Platforms

The choice is critical. Explore the potential advantages and trade-offs, ensuring your decision aligns with your nonprofit's goals.

CRM Spotlight: Pros & Cons

Delve into the world of top-tier CRMs built for the nonprofit sector. We give you highlights and recommendations so you don’t have to read through endless online discussion forums.

Smooth CRM Migration

Ensure a seamless transition to your new platform. We spill the tea so you can avoid the mistakes other nonprofits have made.

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Why Choose This Course?

85% of nonprofits believe that technology is critical to their success, but only 23% have a long-term strategy and vision for how it should be used. Don’t be like most nonprofits that simply buy a CRM without a plan. Save yourself the headache and sign up for our course!

It’s Time for Change

 Stop spending your time in a system that has no strategy. We provide a step-by-step process that gives you a 360 degree view of your database past, present, and future. Plus, key recommendations for how to get it right this time.

You Don’t Have Time to Waste

No secrets here – this information is available for free online. But it has taken us years to pull it all together into this complete and comprehensive package for our clients. Don’t put it off by convincing yourself you will do the research one day. One day it will be too late.

What You’re Doing Now Isn’t Working

The choice is critical. Explore the potential advantages and trade-offs, ensuring your decision aligns with your nonprofit's goals.

What's Included?

  • 5 step-by-step video lesson modules
  • Downloadable resources, including checklists and handouts
  • Custom CRM demo links with special discount offers (up to 40% off your first year)!
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Client Testimonial

“Thanks to Devine Parker, HCP Cureblindness successfully migrated into a new CRM system without any disruptions to our operations. If you're seeking a team of professionals who are not only highly skilled but also a pleasure to work with, look no further. Devine and Parker Consulting will undoubtedly exceed your expectations and help your organization achieve its goals seamlessly.”

Laura Stone

Himalayan Cataract Project

Our Promise

At Devine Parker Consulting, we emphasize transformation and tangible results. If, after taking the course, you feel it hasn't equipped you to make a confident CRM choice for your nonprofit, reach out. We stand by our commitment to excellence and your success.

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